Team Coaching

Creating high-performing, goal-focused, cohesive teams

Creating cohesive, high-performing, goal-focused teams

Are your teams delivering? If so, how effectively? We can work with your team to increase their performance.  We blend individual and team coaching to enable the team to function at its highest level. Aspects we focus on include:

  • Team identity, objectives, roles and purpose
  • Decision-making and processes
  • Constructive debates and effective communication
  • Working and collaborating with others
  • Reviewing performance and increasing innovation

Added Value: Group Coaching

The most effective way to coach is via 1:1 coaching. However, this is not always possible, which is why team coaching offers such great value and flexibility as it allows you to:

Have the very best coaches, but the ability to spread the cost across multiple people

Have expert facilitation to work through a project with the use of action learning sets and other tools to ensure the very best outcomes

Enable different and disparate teams to work more effectively together

Allow teams to fast track their ability to achieve peak performance

Understand how we have already helped others like you

I first worked with Beyond as vice Chair of BILD, where Beyond facilitated a new trustee workshop that enabled us to work effectively as a new board. Some of us had learning disabilities and some had little board experience, but we all benefited from the process and I believe BILD developed one of the most effective charitable boards in the sector. I hired Beyond a second time to help me to bring together a dynamic but disparate senior management team behind a strategy for change. In both instances the teams involved benefited from her facilitation and worked more effectively together, rapidly taking on the realisations of the task ahead and the clear challenges we faced.
Mark Gray

Board Member, Vice Chair BILD

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