4. Team Coaching

Coaching the board of a blue-chip charity to perform more effectively

The Challenge

The board of a major blue-chip charity was not performing to the level required of them; the board’s performance was not as effective as expected.

What we did

Working with the board, we designed and facilitated a programme of development. Interviews and a survey informed an initial session which facilitated the board to articulate what they would see, feel and hear when their board was performing well. A performance standard was developed, along with the benefits this would bring. We then coached the board as a team, where we reviewed their vision, strategic direction, and their role in leading the organisation.

Board members worked in groups to identify key strategic issues and the behaviours that each of them would need to display to bring about the desired change in performance. In further sessions, the board members reviewed their own progress on expressing their desired behaviours and we used well-established techniques to enable greater understanding of people’s preferences to contribute. This approach enabled board members to identify gaps in performance, what was working well and what they wanted to change.

The Results

The chair and members of the board fed back 12 months later that the board is now operating on a new, and significantly higher level, engages in deeper inquiry, explores root causes, values other’s perspectives, considers optional courses and explores new ideas.

What the Board Trustee said

I first worked with Beyond as vice Chair of another charity, where Beyond facilitated a new trustee workshop that enabled us to work effectively as a new board. Some of us had learning disabilities and some had little board experience, but we all benefited from the process and I believe we developed one of the most effective charitable boards in the sector. I hired Beyond a second time to help me to bring together a dynamic but disparate senior management team behind a strategy for change. In both instances the teams involved benefited from Beyond’s facilitation and worked more effectively together, rapidly taking on the realisations of the task ahead and the clear challenges we faced.
Mark G

Trustee & Vice Chair

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