Leadership Training Workshops

Three training workshops to improve your leader’s abilities

Delivering high quality, safe and sustainable services in the future will require different relationships and new roles for all organisations. Achieving this step-change in how services are delivered, especially at a time when workload is often increasing, requires different ways of working and even greater resilience, whilst providing opportunities for personal, business and wider leadership development. As such, we have developed 3 very popular leadership training workshops to help leaders skills to navigate the ever changing modern business landscape.

Lightening the load

Getting the most from others

Preventing burnout

Workshop 1:  Lighten the load with a coach approach

One-Day Programme: 09:30-4:30pm. 12 (min) – 18 (max) people

Leaders have huge demands placed upon them across a range of areas and, given the changing landscape, are increasingly required to do even more, often with no more resource. Many are also being asked to operate differently in collaborative leadership spaces, to influence across the organisation and sometimes to emerging business areas that are uncertain. This one-day programme will equip leaders with powerful new coach approach skills to add to their existing toolkit, applicable in numerous situations, including: to further empower their staff to do more, influence in situations where they have no line management authority and to increase patients’ ability to self-manage and self-care.

Programme Overview

In this one-day, fast-paced and highly interactive programme, you will learn how to lighten the load by skilling up with some of the must-know, fundamental and empowering coaching skills and techniques, along with the theories that underpin them. These include:

  • Skills to invite others to create solutions to their own problems
  • Empowering goal setting and action planning for raising and increasing performance of self and others
  • How to build motivation and confidence
  • Asking powerful questions to engage others
  • Listening for and identifying what is and what is not being said to understand what’s getting in the way of progress
What you will learn

You will learn how to:

  • Lighten your own workload
  • More quickly and efficiently ‘delegate’ to others
  • Engage your staff and peers and create renewed energy
  • Influence others by saying less

By the end of the day, you will feel lighter and be even better equipped to have some great conversations that will change things for the better going forwards, for you, your staff and patients.

Workshop 2: Getting the most from others

One-Day Programme that builds on Workshop 1: 09:30-4:30pm. 12 (min) – 18 (max) people

In a climate where demand is outstripping supply and staff in many organisations face very heavy workloads, it is vital that everyone is working at their full potential and delivering what is required for the business.

This one-day programme equips leaders with skills to enable staff to perform at their best, holding them to account and managing difficult conversations about expectations when things are not going well. It is relevant for when it is important that conversations with staff, peers and others are managed well.

Programme Overview

In this one-day, fast-paced and highly interactive programme, you will learn how to enable the higher performance of others, manage difficult conversations (internally in your organisation and externally in the collaborative landscape) and better manage poor performance in a supportive and powerful way.

This day builds on the first ‘Lighten the Load’ workshop, deepening and extending your understanding and practical use of key coaching skills and techniques, along with the theories that underpin them. These include:

  • Skills to understand the complexity of performance/challenging conversation
  • How to establish what is getting in the way of good performance
  • Tools to analyse the leadership style that will get you the best outcome
  • Approaches that provide high support and high challenge
  • Models to support you in establishing expectations and giving powerful feedback
What you will learn

You will learn how to:

  • Plan for and hold difficult or challenging conversations
  • Get better outcomes from people you work with
  • Understand the dynamics and ego states adopted in conversations
  • Manage yourself well when the stakes are high

Together, we will help you to build a practical plan for existing challenges, further increase your confidence and develop even better approaches for increasing performance of others and having difficult or high-stakes conversations.

Workshop 3: Preventing Burnout

One-Day Programme (can be taken independently of Workshops 1&2)

09:30-4:30pm. 12 (min) – 18 (max) people

Burnout isn’t just a current buzzword; it is a reality for each of us and for many of our colleagues at times, especially right now in the current business environment. Sometimes, we can find ourselves stressed, overburdened and concerned about a range of different things, such as unmanageable workloads, relationships with colleagues, business partners, performance of staff, challenging customers and other everyday life issues. This can lead to us performing at less than our full potential and feeling somewhat stressed and worn out. Help is here in the form of this one-day workshop, full of practical tools and approaches to choose from, which you can put into practice straight away.

Programme Overview

In this powerful one-day workshop, we offer you an opportunity to learn more about what resilience really is and how you can build your personal resilience to better manage life/work’s many ongoing challenges. We support you throughout the day to develop personal insight into how your brain works and to identify when it is helping or hindering you by sharing some of the latest thinking in neuroscience, coaching, behavioural psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We will share with you our top practical, evidence-based techniques and tools to help you feel better and have a sustainable plan going forward.

This workshop is highly interactive, practical, and enjoyable. Everyone who wants to will leave with a personal plan for increasing their own resilience and feel better about the things they can do something about.

What you will learn

 By the end of the day, you will develop your own personal resilience plan by understanding and working with:

  • The areas in your life and work you want to do something about
  • Your self-limiting and empowering beliefs and perceptions
  • Some easy-to-grasp and practical approaches from the fields of mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to better manage your mind
  • Simple behavioural psychology techniques (language and mind management) for increased confidence

Together, we’ll examine some of the theory and practical applications of how the above techniques can help to shift the burden of responsibility, lighten the load and help you to have a practical plan for increased resilience as you leave the room.

Understand how we have already helped others like you

Thank you so much for the fantastic work you and your team at Beyond have done with us at North Derbyshire CCG. Your bespoke development of a leadership programme has been superb, with fantastic feedback from everyone who has taken part. In particular the one-to-one coaching has been an enormous success, with many participants commenting on what a tremendous difference it has made to them both at work and outside (or should I say beyond!)Finally, your work in helping us to define our values as an organisation and then present them back to work through with the Governing Body and wider organisation has truly given us the start we needed as a new organisation. It has given us a structure in which to assess what we do and to have difficult conversations whilst remaining focused on what is important to us and those we serve.

I genuinely suspect we couldn’t have done it without you (at least not that well!) and I am enormously grateful to you and the team for all the hard work you have put in to listening to us and working to provide a genuinely bespoke and thoroughly engaging process throughout.

Ben Milton

Chair, North Derbyshire CCG

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