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Coaching for all Medical and Health & Care professionals

Health & Care coaching is about having powerful conversations, asking important questions, reflecting on the responses and offering observation and feedback to support medical and healthcare professionals to find their own solutions to challenges. Coaching offers an opportunity to stand back, take stock, reflect, crystalise thinking and work through challenges in order to bridge the gap between performance and potential. It helps individuals to understand themselves better in order to further develop their leadership repertoire and styles, build resilience, adopt positive psychology and reduce stress and anxiety, building self-esteem and self-confidence. It also helps unpick any unhelpful thinking patterns and self-limiting beliefs by providing support to build trust. As a result, by challenging and raising awareness of any issues, progress can be made and targets can be set to realise positive change.

The Results: Enabling more effective healthcare professionals

Beyond Coaching has been operating for over 15 years and, in that time, has built up a team of 45 talented, highly-qualified and experienced coaches throughout England, who are all passionate about helping people realise their potential. We are also committed to evaluating the impact of the coaching for the coachees, and providing value for money. We have extensive experience of Medical Coaching, specifically coaching over 730 Medical and Healthcare professionals within the NHS over the past three years, with some of our results being:


improvement in personal effectiveness


improvement in managing change


improvement in career plans and direction


reduction in stress and anxiety


improvement in self-management


reduction in likelihood of leaving healthcare

Understand how we have helped other Medical Professionals

I have learned a huge amount about myself during the 3 sessions. It has given me time to reflect on home and work life and see what I achieve in these areas, but also what I want to achieve moving forwards. I have been encouraged to shift my mind set. By thinking in a slightly different way about my role, my personality, how I phrase questions etc. I now feel more confident that I can improve things within myself and my control to enable a better life-work balance. The tips I have learnt will help me in a multitude of different ways at home and work: from mentoring staff and empowering others to take on new roles; to setting up a completely new venture. The sessions have been invaluable and I would actively encourage any GPs thinking about doing them to bite the bullet and say yes!
Dr Julia Patterson


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