1. Executive Coaching

Coaching Health & Care Leaders to Transform Business Culture

The Challenge

The newly created Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) within the NHS, were aware of the need to develop a new culture and style, to operate differently, to benefit from the clinical knowledge and multi-professional perspective of their members, and to empower staff to work in new ways.

They needed to establish effective leadership and align teams to the values and strategy of the new organisation.

What we did

We worked with the CCG’s governing body, executives and senior and middle managers to identify what they wanted to achieve as well as the values and leadership behaviours that would create an empowered, innovative and high-performing organisation.

We created a programme of tailored leadership development with the programme’s participants as well as senior management, which focused on aspects identified as important by the CCG and involved workshops, sessions and coaching sessions. Additional sessions developed team purpose and effectiveness, with the process being very inclusive and with a range of learning techniques used to reflect the different learning styles.

The Results

The leadership development programme resulted in sustainable change to the culture of the CCG. Leaders adopted new approaches that enabled them to embed the identified values into the organisation and implement strategy effectively. In addition, sponsors of the programme noted positive changes in participants’ behaviours in meetings and in one-to-one situations, demonstrating greater awareness of impact on others.

What the CCG Chair said

Your work in helping us to define our values as an organisation and then present them back to work through with the Governing Body and wider organisation has truly given us the start we needed as a new organisation. It has given us a structure in which to assess what we do and to have difficult conversations whilst remaining focused on what is important to us and those we serve.

Dr Ben Milton GP

Chair, North Derbyshire CCG

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